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  Rates & Deal

*Discounts available for first time clients and multiple day shoots if predetermined. All work is guaranteed!

Labor: inclusive of ditch digging :-)
$550/10 hour day. OT after 10 @ time + half unless determined otherwise.
(clock starts at first meeting with crew unless otherwise determined. clock stops at last meeting with crew)

Basic package: $200/day
*Inclusive in kit are back ups of all major components!
~shotgun, stick, lavalier mics, 4 ch. mixer, 2 diversity frequency agile wireless, back up digital or analog recording for transcription.
~extra wireless=$25/dy/transmitter & receiver
~wireless stereo hop= $35/day(2 [250mw] transmitters + SR)
~IFB= $25/dy/transmitter/receiver & ears extra receivers/ears=$10/dy

Live Phoner package: $50/day
~ JK Audio Compack
~ JK Audio InnKeeper PBX
~ headphone amp
~ wireless IFB transmitter/receiver & ears

Large package: $300/day
(includes basic package)
~Sound Devices 788T
~GTech hard drives and CF cards *see gear list

Portable Digital Package: $325/day*
*the whole enchalada :-)
*At this time rates for portable digital recorders will be determined on each booking.

Driving distances from portal to portal:
~45 minutes or miles; covered.
~over 45 minutes; mileage (mandated by current tax code 2008=58.5c/m) &/or fuel to be determined at time of booking.
~parking fees/fines= to be paid in full (with exceptions)
~tolls= to be paid in full (with exceptions)

Travel days: Straight 10 no OT- (more than 24 hours on the road: x 2)
~shoot & travel will be inclusive of OT.

~all expenses paid (private room mandatory)
~per diems: to be discussed per location.

All invoices are to be paid within 30 days of job.
After 30 days subject to late fee.
After 60 days subject to legal action.

Rates & Deal

Rates & Deal

Rates & Deal
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